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Truth: It took me 18-19 years to investigate the possibility that my experiences may indeed have been/are real alien encounters. It took me another 1-2 years to decided to seek professional help, by way of Lesley Mitchell-Clarke. And it took me another few years to write and publish my first book. Now, as I’ve recently published my second book, An Experiencer’s Garden, I want to urge you to tell your story. No, you do not have to make public appearances, or write a book. But, you could.

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In the event you simply ‘landed’ on this page and post, and haven’t seen the rest of the site, a little background might be in order. To be clear, my site is about my experiences with alien life forms.

I was very, very tentative about sharing my accounts of high strangeness. You read it above: it took me approximately 20 years to first begin to tell others, to see a professional hypnotherapist, and then to begin to make public appearances (including in the media). I first shared the experiences with my ex, then with a small handful of good and trusted friends, and then with Lesley. But here’s the thing: I started sharing a little more generously, to use a term, as I became increasingly frustrated and felt increasingly victimized. They–the Visitors as I like to call them–could visit and/or influence my life at any time of their liking. For my part, I thought I had zero choices and would simply have to continue dealing with it, whatever “it” was. Much has changed since then.

My biggest fear wasn’t, and isn’t, about whether others would believe me: my greatest fear, especially on undergoing my first hypnotherapy session, was that I was imagining everything. That my 1980s and other consciously-recalled experiences were false, fake, not real. That wasn’t the case.

A little later, I did ‘fear’ for my career, possible loss of friends, and unrelenting ridicule. Nothing happened to my career (a pseudonym can be a good thing), any friends I lost were not, as the saying goes, really friends, and the ridicule, at least to my face, wasn’t withering at all. I’m still here, I’ve made a handful of public appearances and appeared in numerous interviews, and I’ve written two books thus far. Speaking of the books: my second one, initially an attempt to categorize my experiences, ended up being in equal part my initial response to a question I’m asked all the time. Why me? And indeed, this is where you can come in.

If You, Why You, and What Can You do About It?

My first suggestion is one I’ve followed myself every time I thought I might have encountered alien life forms: the process of elimination. As much as possible I ruled out dreams, hallucinations, visions, imagination, out-of-the-body experiences, etc. as the cause or place or ‘location’ of my experiences. What was left, however extraordinary, I assigned to what I felt was the simple truth: I had a real encounter with alien beings. Once arriving at that conclusion, I was able to categorize my experiences as physical or etheric in nature. The vast majority have been ‘of spirit’; let’s call them abductions or experiences of/in my spirit body.

Long after eliminating many other experiences that had the all-too-familiar ring of dreams and other things to them, and further breaking them down into spirt or physical, I felt pressed to address the ‘why me?’ question. I investigated potential answers through research, through my own knowledge about the nature of dreams and other things, and extensively through hypnosis. The over-arching answer I repeatedly arrived at was this: in choosing the life I would be born into, I also chose to (continue to) interact with non-human life forms. There was also the fact that I’ve always been somewhat psychic, and that I’ve tried to remain open to information and communication of all kinds.

If some of this sounds familiar, if you’ve done your own homework and you’ve come to your own potential conclusions, what you can do is only limited by your comfort level. You may be content to tell a family member or friend or two. You may want to organize what you’ve diarized, or if you haven’t done that, you may want to start. You may want to ask your own ‘why me?’ question, or may want or need to reach out to others.

We’re Here!

If you’ve gone through some of your own incidents of high strangeness, and can’t explain them via the normal channels, you should know that there’s a host of resources, people, and organizations that may help shed illumination on your experiences. Here’s a few to start with.

There’s the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) itself, and a branch of MUFON, the Experiencer Resource Team (ERT). There are numerous psychologists and hypnotherapists, like my friend Lesley, who specialize in such incidents. My top two ‘go-to’ authors, now, sadly, both dead, are Dr John Mack and Budd Hopkins (but yes, there are many authors still alive who write about this, like my friend Grant Cameron). You can also shoot me a line:

If you’re just now, tentatively, gingerly thinking of taking that first step, I again urge you to talk to a trusted family member or friend first. Allow your instinct, and information, to guide you from there.

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