Why Me? Why You?

Why Was I Chosen by Aliens?

I have been asked this very personal question a number of times, in interviews and by friends: “Why you?” They ask, why was I (apparently) chosen to be visited by extraterrestrial–and possibly other–life forms? It used to be a tough question for me to answer. It’s become more straightforward. I know if it should still be tough, but here goes, here’s my current thinking…

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Maybe I was chosen from an expanding organizer file folder! I tend to think not. Let me skip to a moment of revelation, then I’ll get back to some basics. Many years ago, during my years-long hypnosis sessions with Lesley Mitchell-Clarke, we felt an Interlife / Life Between Life hypnotic regression was in order. It was: fascinating! My understanding, in a nutshell: you are guided to a place, a place that preceded this life, but is just after another life. There, you meet with a council of sorts to finalize your rebirth and everything–every seed–this life might entail. I’m no expert, but that’s how I see it. While in my place, I discovered there were various spirt forms, alongside alien life forms. It was communicated to me that I would need to remember who and what I was, including an agreement I made with said alien life forms, at some point in this life. Well, yes, I remembered. (I remembered before this special session.)

Are You ‘Special’?

Without a doubt! Everyone is. But “special”, meaning, attracting aliens kind of special? My theory, and that’s all it is, is that certain life forms (many more than only aliens as we feel we know this term) are attracted to certain kinds of people. Lesley, my aforementioned hypnotherapist, and friend, feels my ‘special’ stems from my psychic abilities, ones that I identified in my teens; ones that I have always been working on. And I think we both feel it’s partly due to my magical practices, and my openness. In recent years, I’ve paid much, much more attention to openness. Far more than I used to. All this, coming as it has, in the middle of my remembered and recovered experiences.

I do not think you need to be psychic, or a healer, or a spirit worker–or many other things–to experience alien encounters. Probably, though, you’ll become one of these things, or these things will be enhanced, after any alien encounter. One last thought: I do not feel aliens approach and/or interact with us ‘just because’. I think some choices have been made, by us, by them.

Visit my Appearances tab on my site to go over some of my recent interviews. That may answer some questions for you. Need to talk? Drop me a line in care of wes@wesgroberts.com.

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