An Experiencer’s Garden

Book Cover - An Experiencer's Garden
An Experiencer’s Garden

This book is my attempt to categorize or catalogue many of my alien interaction experiences, plus to explain my understanding of the “Why me?” question (i.e., why are alien life forms interested in me?)

Excerpt from the Preface: “In 2009, with the help of good friends, and through a synchronistic occurrence, I met Lesley, and shortly after that, my five-year series of over 35 hypnotic sessions began.”

Excerpt from the section called Why Me? “Once I apply my little tests that go something like ‘was it a dream, was it an out of the body experience, was it fantasy, was it only imagination’, I am compelled to come back to what might be the only explanation: however improbable to some.”

In recent interviews, both print and video, I have reached out to potential abductees and experiencers–people who perhaps have not taken that first step to integrating their experiences–to assure them they can get past their fear, trepidations, or resistance. There are probably valuable lessons in what happened to them, and I hope this and my earlier book will convince some of them to begin to take baby steps to resolving their experiences.

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Intersections. A True Story of Extraterrestrial Contact

“Intriguing, eye-opening and confirming, this mind-expanding book invites readers to take a journey beyond this planet with an abduction experiencer and master abduction therapist/researcher. This book will help provide recognition, comfort and support to those going through similar experiences, but feel they are alone, while supply the rest of us with awe.”

Dr. Georgina Cannon, D. Msc. MNLP MH, Author The Return, Return Again and The Third Circle.

“This book is a fascinating, very detail-oriented telling of a man’s mental, emotional and deeply spiritual journey having life-long contact with ETs and their complex plan for his development and life journey. Lesley’s ability to understand the mechanics of the mind’s journey is unparalleled and profoundly educational. Anyone curious about the deep mechanics of ET contact needs to read this book!!”

Captain Randy Cramer, AKA Captain K, is an author, lecturer and clinician who was also a participant in the USA’s Secret Space Program.

Educator, Entrepreneur and College Professor, Wes Roberts appeared to have an ideal life that belied the fact that deeply disturbing incidents of high strangeness had been a regular part of his adult life. Relentless insomnia, missing time, strange marks on his body, terrifying fragments of “trips” into alternate realities where close contact with non-human beings took place on a near daily occurrence. Wes sought out the help of noted hypnotherapist, Lesley Mitchell-Clarke. What would follow would be the gradual recovery of Wes’ remarkable memories, reflecting a lifetime of mind-bending extra/ultra-terrestrial encounters.

“The book is on the level of John Mack’s book Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens. I had to stop almost every page to record key observations and insights. The information seems to be given by the intelligence to educate Wes and therefore the world. This is one of the most insightful book on the UFO experiencer topic I have every read. A brilliant addition to a key 21st century.”

Grant Cameron, Researcher/ Lecturer and author of UFOs, Area 51 and Government Informants.


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