Why Me? Why You?

Why Was I Chosen by Aliens? I have been asked this very personal question a number of times, in interviews and by friends: “Why you?” They ask, why was I (apparently) chosen to be visited by extraterrestrial–and possibly other–life forms? It used to be a tough question for me to answer. It’s become more straightforward. …

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These are … Superstitious Times

Background In 2019, my name was passed along to Brian Baker, of The Superstitious Times. Brian investigates, interviews, and writes about “the preternatural in Canada.” He’s been a professional in the media industry for decades. He’s very down-to-earth and approachable, he’s part of my go-to group of friends for ‘incidents of high strangeness’ (quote from …

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Book Cover - An Experiencer's Garden

Your Story: Baby Steps

Truth: It took me 18-19 years to investigate the possibility that my experiences may indeed have been/are real alien encounters. It took me another 1-2 years to decided to seek professional help, by way of Lesley Mitchell-Clarke. And it took me another few years to write and publish my first book. Now, as I’ve recently …

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Telling Your Story

I was asked recently why I (co)wrote my first book, Intersections. It wasn’t the first time I was asked, but it was an awkward time. I’ll tell you why… The question arose in terms of marketing, selling, impact. Yes, the book has been marketed. Yes, we’ve almost sold out our initial printing. But I don’t …

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